Tara Dame, Stylist

Tara Dame - Stylist and  Theo Kontekakis  -  Receptionist 

Tara Dame - Stylist and Theo Kontekakis  - Receptionist 

Tara Dame, stylist at Olga’s Hair Stories, was born in Vancouver.

Her family moved to the Sunshine Coast when she was 9 and she fell instantly in love with the town of Gibsons and its people.


It's All Thanks to Grandpa  :0)

Tara got her start as a hair stylist at the age of 12, cutting and styling her Grandpa’s hair.

As she tells me her story, I find myself envisioning a balding man, with a warm face and kind eyes who preferred the ‘friar tuck’ look to that of Yul Brenner or Patrick Stewart.  ;0)

‘He was very happy!’, she recounts with her sweet, dimpled smile. Grandpa clearly inspired her love of people and of hair.

When her Grandpa was due for a haircut he would come over to Tara’s where she would sit him down, take up her scissors, and with great concentration, eyeball his hair to the second wrinkle on the back of his neck ‘to get the length just right.’


Formal Training

Tara began her formal education in hair at John Casablanca’s in Gas Town, Vancouver. 

She, like Olga, has a strong appreciation for the art of hair and is truly passionate about creating the perfect look for you.

Tara was encouraged by a mutual friend to meet Olga and discuss a working partnership and Tara was immediately drawn to work with Olga because of her vast experience in the hair, fashion and art world.

You only have to meet them once to know that they truly are a match made in hair heaven!

Tara loves to learn. She appreciates the confidence and fun that is present in her life when she has a level of mastery of her subject, and she works hard to be her best.

Tara is available for you from Monday - Saturday every week :)