Olga Chnara, Owner and Stylist - A Lifelong Passion for the Art of Hair

Olga Chnara

Olga Chnara

Olga knows hair and she knows how to create the perfect style for you.

Olga brings 24 years of hair dressing experience to you and her team at Olga’s Hair Stories.


Olga opened her very own salon in Crete, Greece, when she was just 18 years old.


She also established her own hairdressing academy and taught her highly artistic and efficient style there for many years.

Special Guest Stylist:

Throughout her years of hairdressing in Greece, Olga was a frequent special-guest for hairdressing events throughout Europe and national events in Greece for over 8 years for Alfa Parf MilanoMedavita, and Farouk.

European Trend-Setter:

Olga worked with a small group of stylists (10 from all of Europe), at the top of the fashion world, to design the new hair style trends of each year. In fact, the chances are you have already experienced one of Olga’s styles in that favourite haircut you had a while ago! I, personally, think that is pretty cool. 

T.V. Personality:

And, did you know that until 2013, when Olga and her family came to Canada and settled on the Sunshine Coast, Olga had her own daily segment on a TV show in Greece where she would present a new hairstyle trend each day to thousands of viewers in Greece?

She did! It was called: Μερα μεσημέρι. 


And, last, but not least, all of the art in the salon, from the Marilyn Monroe credenza to the paintings on the walls was created by Olga Chnara, herself. 

Olga is a very talented woman, in every way. She is a world-class expert in the field of hairdressing and we are very lucky to have here in our little community.